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A podcast in the Research Questions podcast series. These are the best of the podcasts produced by Research Podcasts for our clients.

How are young children affected by poverty?

What impact are persistent poverty levels having on children in the UK? Professor Lucinda Platt from the London School of Economics and Political Science discusses her research using the Millennium Cohort Study to look at the children in the study as they turn 11 and how poverty is affecting them. This podcast was recorded originally for the Centre for […]

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Human rights – everybody needs good neighbours!

Can the human rights performance of one country affect that of its close neighbours? Professor Todd Landman from the University of Essex talks about his research looking at the data and research techniques he has used to examine the human rights records of countries across the world. He explains the importance of the methodologies used, and what his findings […]

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Rise in racism bad for the kids

A range of anti-racism initiatives and policies have been put into place in recent years by successive Governments in the UK. But could those efforts be undermined as we move into a period where it seems “anti-immigrant” sentiment and rhetoric is on the increase? With one in three people in Britain describing themselves as being […]

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White flight and the rise of UKIP

Are white people in the UK really leaving ethnic minority neighbourhoods to live close to people from the same background? Professor Eric Kaufman from Birkbeck College, University of London, discusses his research making use of the BHPS and Understanding Society to look at the question of White Flight what his work might tell us about […]

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Free childcare for all – is it worth it?

The introduction of free nursery places for three-year-olds has not delivered long-term benefits for children’s development according to new research. We spoke talk to researcher, Dr Birgitta Rabe, from the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex, about her research and what it means for policy and parents.   This podcast was originally created […]

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