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Creating resources

If you are involved in teaching, lecturing, training or in the production of educational resources, consider podcasting and other digital/online resources as an alternative or additional way to engage students.

At Research Podcasts, we are working with a leading educational publisher to create a range of new podcasts specifically for A Level and IB Geography students – but the scope for podcasting is much wider.

Podcasts work well in isolation or as part of a broader exercise. They can be listened to in the classroom or at home as part of a homework exercise.

We can film, edit and mix recorded audio from a lecture, presentation or talk with your Powerpoint Slides to create digital/video files to upload to sites like VIMEO and YouTube or add to your own blog/ website.

So if you have an idea, or want us to talk to you about how you could use podcasting to develop fantastic audio resources, get in touch.