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screenshot of Understanding Society branded podcast on website

Once the podcast is recorded, we follow a four-step process to edit and brand it to create the final professional product.

Step 1: Making our presenters and interviewees sound great

  • Make sure the podcast and any interview flows well
  • Edit out unwanted pauses, ums and errs
  • Edit any sections where there has been a retake on a question and answer
  • Cut out unnecessary repetition
  • Making sure the interview fits the pre-agreed length
  • Remove any unwanted extraneous noise (although we try to avoid this in the first place by encouraging interviewees to switch off phones and other devices)

Step 2: Branding your podcast

  • Add in a voiced-over introduction and pay off to identify the speaker, organisation and subject matter
  • Provide additional information about research papers, forthcoming events, web addresses
  • Add series theme tune

Intro and theme example


Podcast ending example


Step 3: Share the draft podcast for comment and sign off

  • Send the draft podcast via Dropbox to the client to be reviewed
  • Invite feedback and suggestions for further edits to help us finalise the podcast

Step 4: Deliver the final signed off podcast

  • Send the podcast in a format that works best for you: audio file (MP3/WAV), uploaded to a file sharing website (Dropbox)
  • If required, we will provide additional web page text

You can view the final results in our showcase.