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Podcast training

We recognise that you and your team may like to learn how to create professional podcasts in-house. So why not let us help you develop the capacity and skills to do that.

Why learn to podcast?

Perhaps you are a communications team looking to create additional materials to raise your organisation’s profile. Maybe you are an educator seeking to develop a range of podcasts as resources to support your teaching.

Whatever the reason, we can work out a package of training to help you gain the skills and expertise you need to create great podcasts for your target audience.

Podcast Training programmes

Our podcast training Programmes can be tailor-made to suit you and your colleagues and delivered off site or at your premises.

A typical training day includes:

  • What is podcasting?
  • Where does podcasting fit into your organisation?
  • Conducting a good audio interview (editorially and technically)
  • Using editing software such as Garage Band or Audacity to create podcasts
  • Adding jingles and voice overs (software permitting)
  • Uploading and presenting your series on your website
  • Using external audio hosts such as iTunes, SoundCloud and AudioBoo

Through plenty of hands-on practical exercises, as well as professional advice from the Research Podcasts Team, you and your team will experience a fun and interactive session that will ensure you are up and running with your own podcast activities in no time at all.

For an informal chat or a more detailed discussion about a tailor-made podcast training package for you or your organisation, please get in touch using our online enquiry form.