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We interview and work with leading academic experts, publishers, businesses, policy officers and students to support them in showcasing the potential and actual academic and real-world impact of their research and activities and to help them achieve their goals.


This podcast aims to get the hard facts about the human rights challenges facing the world today and to get our thinking about human rights on the right track.In Series 1, Professor Todd Landman interviews leading analysts at the forefront of the latest critical thinking on human rights. In Series 2, The Rights Track turns its attention to human rights advocates and practitioners involved in the struggle for human rights to learn more about their work and the ways in which academic research is helping them.


podcast logoMillennium Cohort Study

This podcast series interviews the authors of a special report outlining findings from the the Millennium Cohort Study, which has been tracking the lives of nearly 20,000 children born in the UK at the turn of the century.  Researchers tell us what they have found as the children turn 11 and what parents, policymakers and practitioners should know.


podcast logoLSE Gender Institute

This very special series of podcasts helps to share the work of the LSE Gender, Power and Inequality Commission, which draws on LSE research and external experts to provide theoretical and empirical knowledge to inform public and policy debates in the UK concerned with understanding and addressing the complex and multidimensional character of inequality and power imbalances between women and men.


understanding-society-podcast-logoUnderstanding Society

This podcast interviews researchers and representatives from charities and think-tanks who are making use of the data being produced from this longitudinal household survey in their policy-relevant research and activities.

It also shares information about the rich and valuable data  available to academics, policy analysts and business.


iser_podcast_logoInstitute for Social and Economic Research

This award-winning podcast showcases research produced by the internationally-renowned team of academics at the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex.

Researchers discuss the background to their work, before outlining their key findings and their relevance for policy makers and wider society.


ncrm_logoNational Centre for Research Methods

This podcast has been short-listed in the UK Podcast Awards. It features interviews with researchers about current innovative methodological thinking and research which has been funded by the National Centre for Research Methods at the University of Southampton.


Book cover of Waiting for Cancer to ComeProfessor Sharlene Hesse-Biber – Waiting for Cancer to Come Podcasts

When Professor Sharlene Hesse-Biber from Boston College wanted to promote her new book Waiting for Cancer to Come, we worked with her to create a fantastic podcast which enabled her to discuss her research project on the BRCA gene mutation and her own personal story and views around genetic testing and breast cancer.


Chris interviewing Professor Todd Landman for his podcast seriesProfessor Todd Landman – Human Rights Podcasts

We have worked with Professor Todd Landman, a leading human rights expert at the University of Essex to produce a podcast focusing on his recently published research. We will be working with Todd again soon on series of  interviews which he will conduct with leading human rights researchers around the world.



society_and_health_icls_webInternational Centre for Lifecourse Studies

This podcast series covers the latest research findings from the team at the International Centre for Lifecourse Studies at UCL. From the health and development of young children to the relationship between work and our lives and the impacts of aging. Important, timely research of interest to all.



If you would like to record a one-off interview or introduce a podcast series to support any aspect of your communications and research dissemination activities, please get in touch using our online contact form.