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What to podcast

If your work is research-related, you and your colleagues already have enough knowledge and experience to fill volumes.

Every day you are considering the important questions that affect all our lives, ask and try to answer questions, discuss changes, trends, etc.

Research Podcasts can help you tap into that gold mine and use it to create the sort of impact funders and donors want to see. It can raise your personal profile as well as the profile of your centre or institute.

Here are some of the things you might want to podcast about:

  • Latest research findings
  • Exciting developments on an important project
  • Case studies of individuals and organisations who have benefited from your research
  • A body of research that’s being presented to policy makers or other decision makers
  • An opportunity to collaborate

There are many other opportunities to capture audio for use in podcasts:


Interviews with key speakers at your events which can then be used in full or in part on your website either as part of a podcast series or as a one-off.

Website features

Use a short audio interview as part of a broader feature piece on your website.

Organisational milestones

Celebrate the history of your organisation or mark a one-off special occasion through the power of audio.

Book launches

Summarise the content and main points in a new book to help readers make a more informed choice.

If you have other ideas or want us to help you come up with some ideas then please contact us.