Conference workshops

Catherine delivering our workshop at the SWDTP Conference in November 2023 in Bath

We have combined our training and production expertise to create an innovative two part conference offering that will be sure to make your conference memorable and more importantly create a lasting digital footprint.

Conference delegates who join part 1 of the workshop will get a basic understanding of how academics can use podcasts as a medium to engage around and disseminate their research touching on the basics of producing, recording, editing and hosting a podcast series. This section can be adapted to suit your institution and/or delegates needs. If your delegates are interested we hope they might like to progress to the full “Introduction to Podcasting” workshop at a later date.

In part 2, delegates, on a first come first served basis, will also have the opportunity to undertake a ‘mock’ podcast interview with one of Research Podcast’s experienced podcast producers and presenters.

These are informal interactions designed to give delegates the opportunity to experience a recorded interview in a low stakes setting to develop their confidence and skills in this type of situation. It’s also an opportunity to see how they might conduct an interview themselves should they become the presenter of their own podcast.

We will edit and deliver these within seven days for you to use as you wish. Depending on what level of production you require we can also add intros, closers and music.

This two part programme is delivered concurrently in one day but we would recommend delivering the workshop in the morning and to record the mock podcasts in the afternoon. This is so participants can put into practice what they have learned in the morning, feel more comfortable with the trainers and can think about their answers for the interview in the afternoon.

If you would like to publish these mock podcast episodes in their own right we can help design podcast artwork and publish them to podcast apps like Spotify and Apple.

We can also just deliver the workshop without the afternoon recording (see the Skills and Education Group example below).

Previous conferences we have attended

South West Doctoral Training Partnership’s (SWDTP) Collaboration and Connectivity Conference 2022, University of West England (UWE)

SWDTP where so impressed with the mock podcast recordings that they asked us to create a mini podcast for them based on their conference theme – Let’s Collaborate – which was published monthly throughout late 2022 and 2023. All episodes where recorded at the conference with students given final say whether they wanted their recordings to be used once they had listened to the final edited episode. We handled all the administration for SWDTP (contacting students, uploading episodes to a podcast host and creating wider podcast assets like show notes and artwork) and now they have a digital footprint for their 2022 conference which they can use to promote the DTP and their students’ work.

We asked the students to tell us about their research, their methodologies, what they hoped to change and what advice they would give someone thinking of embarking on a PhD – the last question threw out some amazing advice which we clipped up below:

You can listen to Series 1 of Let’s Collaborate here:

South West Doctoral Training Partnership’s (SWDTP) Architects of Change Conference 2023, Bath

We were invited back by the SWDTP team to record Series 2 of Let’s Collaborate and deliver a workshop on why academics should be podcasting at their 2023 conference. Watch this space for Series 2 coming in 2024!

Skills and Education Group Levelling Up Conference 2023, Leicester

Our Director of Training, Krissie Brighty-Glover, attended the Skills and Education Group conference in 2023 to talk to practitioners and key stakeholders in the FE sector about podcasting as a form of assessment and public engagement. In the afternoon she interviewed Joe McLoughin, host of one of our podcast productions Let’s Go Further, about what the group have gained from the process and what advice he would give to other institutions thinking of creating their own.

South, West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership (SWWDTP) Research Clusters Conference 2022, University of Bristol

Senior Producer Catherine joined Krissie on this trip to Bristol to talk SWWDTP students through all things academic podcasting. We then interviewed research cluster leads in the afternoon for a mock podcast – Exchanging Knowledge – to give students’ experience of presenting their research and being interviewed.

South East Network for Social Sciences (SeNSS) Summer Conference 2022, University of Surrey

Catherine and Krissie headed to Surrey University to deliver our taster workshop for SeNSS students. Catherine then interviewed students in the afternoon for a mock podcast – Making SeNSS – whilst Krissie edited them.

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