Sustainability Statement

Research Podcasts is a limited company comprising two full time directors. It uses the services of a small number of sub-contractors on a regular basis. Both directors work exclusively from home.

Sustainable working practices

Research Podcasts is committed to reducing its overall greenhouse gas emissions in the following ways.

  1. Working from Home. Where practicable the directors undertake to reduce energy usage as follows.
  • Make better use of natural light and reduce the usage of electric light sources.
  • Reduce the brightness of computer screens
  • Switch off electronic equipment at the end of the working day 
  • Source all our power requirements from Octopus energy or similar provider who provide:
    • 100% renewable electricity, as per their tariffs
    • offset of carbon emissions of any gas used by supporting various offsetting projects with the help of their charity partner, Renewable World.
  1. Recycling and Waste. The company has a commitment to:
  • Work digitally, eliminating the requirement to purchase and use paper, printers and ink. 
  • Source office supplies locally.
  • Re-use or recycle electronic equipment which is broken, or needs to be replaced. 
  • Recycle waste, including domestic food waste, as a matter of course.
  1. Travel. To minimise travel, where possible meetings training and consultation are to be carried out online via Microsoft Teams, Zoom or similar platforms, or by telephone. Where travel is necessary our policy is to:
  • Use public transport as first resort.
  • Where public transport is impracticable, and where two or more individuals are involved in travelling to meet a client, our policy is to car share.

Responsibility and Review 

This Sustainable Working from Home Policy was adopted by the Board of Research Podcasts Ltd., on [06/02/2023]. 

Implementation of this Policy is the direct responsibility of the board and indirectly, all contractors working for the Research Podcasts Ltd. 

This policy was last updated [06/02/2023] and will be next reviewed on [02/10/2023].