The Team

Research Podcasts is owned by Chris Garrington who works with clients to plan their podcast content and training needs. Catherine McDonald is Research Podcast’s Senior Producer and Krissie Brighty-Glover is Director of Training. Research Podcasts also works with a wider team of associates including highly experienced broadcasters, journalists, editors, marketing, communications, impact, engagement, digital content and social media professionals to deliver podcast training, production and mentoring.

Chris Garrington

Chris Garrington is the owner/Director of Research Podcasts Ltd. She trained as a newspaper journalist before working in BBC Radio for 12 years. She went on to run a successful public relations and media training company and now specialises in developing communications and creating impact for researchers and research projects/centres. She came up with the idea of Research Podcasts in 2014 whilst working at the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex where she launched her first research-focused podcast. Since then she has worked with individual researchers, projects and centres at numerous UK, US and European universities to set up, produce, publish and promote professional podcasts, many of which she also presents. She is also an excellent trainer and has worked with early PhD and early career researchers as well as experienced academics and impact, engagement and communications professionals and teams.

Catherine McDonald

Catherine McDonald is Research Podcasts’ Senior Producer and is involved in the planning, production and presentation of podcasts with and for clients. Her work for Research Podcasts is undertaken alongside her work as a freelance communications consultant. Catherine worked in radio and television for over 20 years before moving into the Higher Education sector in 2013. An experienced programme maker, she has produced and directed television programmes for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, having begun her broadcast career at BBC Essex and BBC Radio 5Live. Since 2013 Catherine has worked in the fields of communications, engagement, policy and partnerships at the University of Essex and the Institute for Social and Economic Research. Catherine’s current podcast production projects include a six-episode series for Understanding Society – the UK Household Longitudinal Study and a forthcoming podcast called Generation Pandemic for the Inter-disciplinary Network for Child Well-Being.

Krissie Brighty-Glover

Krissie Brighty-Glover is Research Podcasts’ Director of Training. After completing an MPhil at Royal Holloway in History, Krissie created her own business to provide support and guidance to students and became a much-in-demand private tutor. As a committed academic and current affairs enthusiast herself, Krissie’s focus at Research Podcasts is on the design, planning and delivery of podcast training for academics and students. She also has extensive experience in podcast production research and planning, audio editing and social media promotion of podcasts.