The Team

Research Podcasts produce podcasts with and for academics. They provide training, coaching and full-scale production services and support for every aspect and step of the podcasting process. However big or small your podcasting ambitions, this team can get you started, support you along the way and help you fulfil your podcasting ambitions.

Chris Garrington, Managing Director and Owner

Chris Garrington

Chris Garrington is a former BBC radio journalist and specialist in academic communications for meaningful public engagement and impact. Her journey into the world of podcasts began in 2010 while she was based at the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex and it was here that she first launched a research-focused podcast. This was her first step to setting up Research Podcasts Ltd.

Throughout the years, Chris has collaborated with researchers, projects, and centres across universities in the UK, the United States, and Europe, using her expertise to conceive, produce, publish and promote a multitude of professional podcasts. A dynamic presenter herself, Chris has lent her voice to many of these productions, adding a professional and personal touch that resonates with audiences.

Chris is also a skilled and inspiring trainer. She has worked closely with academics at all stages of their careers, offering invaluable support and guidance to help them realize their podcasting ambitions. Her guidance enables academics to craft podcasts that are not only professional and engaging but also carry a lasting impact.

With a long career spanning the intersection of journalism, academia, and podcasting, Chris is the driving force behind Research Podcasts. 

Krissie Brighty-Glover, Director of Training

Krissie Brighty-Glover

Krissie Brighty-Glover develops our innovative, informative, and fully interactive podcast workshops. With a passion for academia and current affairs, Krissie’s journey began at Royal Holloway, University of London where she gained a BA, MA and MPhil in Modern History. Fuelled by a desire to empower students, she then founded her own successful tuition business, offering invaluable support and guidance to countless learners as a highly sought-after private tutor.

At Research Podcasts, Krissie’s dedication takes centre stage as she spearheads the development, planning, and execution of podcast training and mentoring for academics and students alike. With extensive expertise in podcast production research, meticulous planning, audio editing finesse, and strategic social media promotion, Krissie ensures that every podcast achieves its full potential.

Recognised for her exceptional skill and teaching approach, Krissie has earned a well-deserved reputation for imparting her knowledge with a “light touch” creating an environment where learners thrive. Her training methods inspire confidence, foster creativity, and lead to remarkable results. Whether you’re an aspiring podcaster or a seasoned academic, Krissie’s guidance will undoubtedly elevate your podcasting journey to new heights.

Catherine McDonald, Senior Producer

Catherine McDonald

Catherine McDonald leads our podcast production including planning, producing, and editing. With a career spanning over two decades, Catherine’s journey began in the realms of radio and television, where she honed her skills as a seasoned programme maker, producing and directing television programmes for renowned broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4, alongside contributions to both local and national BBC Radio.

In 2013, Catherine’s passion for knowledge and education led her to the Higher Education sector, where she worked in communications, engagement, policy, and partnerships at the University of Essex and the Institute for Social and Economic Research.

In addition to producing she is also the presenter on several of our podcast productions including Generation Pandemic for the Interdisciplinary Child Wellbeing NetworkMethods for the National Centre for Research Methods and Insights for Understanding Society

Catherine has utilised these experiences to create and deliver our advanced podcast presenting workshop and helps deliver our flagship training offerings – how to launch you own podcast and an introduction to podcasting for researchers. Her teaching abilities are best exemplified in Let’s Go Further where she has coached a novice presenter through interviews with MP Jess Phillips, renowned transgender activists Jake & Hannah Graf and reality TV celebrity Will Njobvu.

Dr. Ian M. Cook, Podcast Producer and Trainer

Dr Ian M. Cook

Dr. Ian M. Cook loves working with fellow scholars and students in making their podcast dreams a reality. By training, he is an anthropologist whose work focus includes urban India, scholarly podcasting, open education, and environmental (in)justice.  Ian

has co-created numerous scholarly podcasts, including for research projects and initiatives, and has taught podcasting workshops for researchers, students, teachers, NGO workers, activists and journalists across Europe. He  interviewed 101 scholars who podcast for his book Scholarly Podcasting: Why, What, How? and explored how podcasting can be peer reviewed scholarship in the co-written book Podcast or Perish: Peer Review and Knowledge Creation for the 21st Century (with Lori Beckstead and Hannah McGregor). Ian was Director of the Open Learning Initiative (OLIve) at CEU in Budapest from 2019-2023 and produced the related edited volume Opening Up the University: Teaching and Learning with Refugees (with Céline Cantat and Prem Kumar Rajaram). He is currently Editor and Chief at the multimodal anthropology publishing platform Allegra Lab. He also delivers podcast training and production services for Research Podcasts.

Anton Jarvis, Podcast Producer and Editor, Australia

Anton Jarvis is a former BBC Broadcaster and Educator, with many years of experience in both radio and teaching. A self-confessed sound, speech and language nerd he rarely stops listening to audio and to people!

Anton worked for local radio, BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio Scotland, winning a UK Radio Academy award in 2003 for a documentary about the psychology of being in prison. He is highly skilled at producing all forms of speech-based audio. 

As a former secondary school English teacher, he knows about the power of knowledge and how it can inspire important discussion about the issues in our world, whilst engaging listeners whose curiosity is piqued by important topics and speakers. 

Since 2019 Anton has been the voice of freely accessible poetry and short stories studied by English students for their exams in both the UK and Australia.

He is excited about helping to bring research-focused podcasts to life.

Stefan Atanasovski, Audio Engineer

Stefan Atanasovski

Stefan Atanasovski is a seasoned audio editor and mixer whose audio career spans a diverse spectrum, from the realms of TV and radio shows to captivating podcasts, commercials, and even music projects as both a skilled producer and a talented performer in his own right.

Armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sound Engineering, Stefan collaborates with voice talents, actors, radio and podcast hosts, and musicians, to refine his craft to create professional audio productions. He is uniquely positioned to understand the process from both sides of the studio glass.

At Research Podcasts, Stefan expertly weaves together the threads of podcast episodes, moulding and sculpting audio to create immersive experiences that captivate listeners. With a keen ear for detail and a passion for perfecting the auditory journey, he brings each podcast episode to life with masterful editing and seamless mixing.