Introduction to podcasting

PhD students from the WRoCAH DTP undertaking our editing task as part of our introduction to podcasting workshop at the University of York in May 2023.

In this highly practical and interactive bespoke course, participants will gain the knowledge and hands-on skills required to set up, launch and run a podcast. After an overview and introduction to podcasts, apps, software and hardware, participants will get hands on audio editing practice learning how to put together a podcast episode including recording and mixing in theme music. They will also use a template to develop their ideas for the format and content of their own podcast and get feedback on their ideas from experienced podcasters.

The key outcome is that students who undertake the training will learn the skills to launch a podcast including pitching, planning, producing, recording, editing and hosting a podcast series.

Participants will need headphones, a laptop and have downloaded free to use editing software (either Audacity or Garageband) and our training materials which we send 7 days prior to the delivery.

This workshop can be delivered either as a one day course or across two half days, one week apart, with an assignment due for the second workshop which will receive written feedback from an experienced podcaster.

These workshops can be facilitated online or in person. Please note, if you choose in person delivery we would require you to book a room with presenting facilities and cover our travel costs (we are based in Essex).

For more details about our workshop – including a programme for the day, references and costs – please email our Director of Training Krissie Brighty-Glover at


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The following are quotes from participant feedback forms:

It was one of the best training workshops that I have attended as a PhD student. Very interactive and engaging. Catherine was fantastic. Thank you! 

Workshop at the LSE PhD Academy, November 2023

I now have everything I might need to start a podcast, thanks. Thank you for delivering the training session with energy and enthusiasm, even though over Zoom! 

Online workshop for UCL Birkbeck MRC DTP, January 2023

Inspiring and useful, thank you! Brilliantly presented – clear, confident and entertaining

In person workshop for WRoCAH in York, May 2023

The trainer was supportive and carried her expertise lightly – which meant that she could steer and advise us on projects (drawing on her own experience) but without going all David Brent and taking over the session. Listening to an expert on all the various stages of the process was really helpful–raising so many ‘think abouts’ that had not occurred to us previously

Dr Eoghan Moloney, Winchester University, May 2022

The trainer did a great job of making people feel comfortable and heard. Any idea and level of understanding were welcome. All round great training!

Online workshop for SWDTP, March 2023

Example trainee podcasts

We believe in training that has impact and tangible outcomes. These can be new skills learned such as recording, presenting and editing or beginning the process of thinking about public engagement and the impact of your research. However, our favourite outcomes are when participants create and launch their own podcasts.

The following podcasts are a few examples from Research Podcasts graduates:

Getting Brighter is co-presented by former SWDTP students Dr Emily Hughes and soon-to-be Dr Masha Remskar. The podcast is supported by SWDTP and aims to shed light on the science of health, wealth, and society by translating the latest psychological research into actionable insights for your everyday decisions. Masha attended our introduction workshop and has co-created this excellent podcast which we look forward to watching go from strength to strength.

“The Introduction to Podcasting course was a brilliant starting point on our podcasting journey. It gave an overview of the many steps in the creation process, included hands-on exercises, and signposted to some excellent resources. I definitely felt better equipped to start the podcast after the workshop – it armed me with practical tips as well as encouragement that it is worthwhile”

Dr Masha Remskar, co-host of Getting Brighter, Jan 2024

Ploughing Old Patterns, Raising New Ground is a collaborative effort from Legion Projects, including Una Hamilton Helle who attended the workshop hosted by Royal Holloway, University of London Doctoral school. It is inspired by how oral traditions have been instrumental in the upholding, retelling and sharing of folk tales, songs and customs, the commissioned artists were asked to interpret and respond to why the interest in ‘folk culture’ still stands strong in Britain today.

Goal 4 is a podcast from Richard Ingram, a PhD student who attended the workshop hosted by the South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP). He discusses and examines the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 4 which ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. He talks to experts, development partners, researchers, and teachers about their education systems; specifically, what is working, and what needs to change.

Coming soon – The Other Kind of Doctor – a podcast for the other kind of doctors (aka postgraduate researchers, ECRs & academics) created, hosted & delivered by PhD researchers at Royal Holloway, University of London. The show will be hosted by Gemma Rides and Gaia Giampietro who attended the workshop in September 2023 and is supported by Royal Holloway’s Doctoral School.

Contact our Director of Training, Krissie Brighty-Glover, for more information at