Don’t just take our word on what we do. Here are some testimonials from clients we have worked with on podcasts in recent years. If you’ve got time have a listen to their podcasts to see the final product!

We worked with Research Podcasts Senior Producer Catherine McDonald on our latest podcast and it’s been an incredibly positive experience. She really delved into the research we wanted to feature and guided us through the process of creating the series. Our podcasts have brought a new audience to our Study and we’re looking forward to starting work with Catherine on the next season!

Becky Parsons, Understanding Society Communications Manager

“I have worked with the Research Podcasts team as part of the Rights Track over six annual series between 2015 and 2021. Together, we have recorded and published 58 podcasts with 71 guests for over 26 hours of content. The award-winning content has been well received with over 30,000 downloads and has found its way into academic curricula, social media, impact blogs, and mainstream media publications, such as The Guardian. Research Podcasts provides training, advice, and support for the conception, design, and production of highly professional and thought-provoking podcasts across a wide range of academic disciplines. The Research Podcasts team are very helpful, proactive, and supportive in ways that allow researchers to focus on the best ways to disseminate and communicate their work.”

Professor Todd Landman, Presenter The Rights Track

“Christine Garrington and her Research Podcasts team are incredibly knowledgeable regarding all stages of (research) podcasting, including the concrete nuts and bolts of the logistics, designing the podcast’s atmosphere, technical and content suggestions for interviews, editing and marketing. Their work is delivered punctually, always of the highest quality and they inspire confidence in all who work with them. They are go great tutors and coaches, helping tweak the more intangible parts of the interactions between interviewer and interviewee with sensitive suggestions and constructive feedback. I learned so much from them during my very first Remember Your Body podcast. It was truly a delight to collaborate and I highly recommend their work!”

Eline Kieft, Presenter, Remember Your Body