Podcast training

Are you an academic or PhD student seeking innovative ways to communicate your research to a broader audience? Interested in podcasting as a form of public engagement? Want to have impact with your findings but not sure where to start?

This is where we come in!

Whether you are an individual academic looking to build the idea of a podcast into a research grant proposal or to help you engage with non academics, an educator building new digital resources for teaching or impact, an engagement or communications team looking to create materials to raise the profile of the work you do, we can support you by providing expert training from experienced podcasters.

We work with key stakeholders in the further and higher education sectors including individual universities, DTPs, CDTs, research groups and businesses to demystify the podcasting process.


Why should you attend one of our workshops?

  1. Expand your audience: Traditional academic channels have limitations when it comes to reaching a wider audience. Podcasting offers an accessible and engaging platform to share your research with diverse communities, opening doors to new opportunities for collaboration and impact.
  2. Develop engaging narratives: Crafting compelling stories is an art. Learn from seasoned podcasters and storytelling experts who will guide you through the process of structuring narratives, conducting captivating interviews, and incorporating sound design techniques to keep your listeners hooked.
  3. Enhance technical skills: No prior podcasting experience? No problem! Our workshop provides hands-on training in recording, editing, and post-production techniques. Gain practical knowledge about selecting the right equipment, optimizing sound quality, and utilizing editing software to produce professional-quality audio content.
  4. Foster community and collaboration: Connect with like-minded academics and PhD students from diverse disciplines, forming valuable networks for future collaborations. Exchange ideas, share experiences, and explore interdisciplinary possibilities that podcasting can offer.

More importantly, we are also an academic podcast production company who will only teach you what we do.

Whatever your reason for wanting to build podcasts into your work, we can put together a package of training/mentoring to help you gain the skills and expertise you need to create great podcasts for your target audience.

Get in touch with Krissie Brighty-Glover, our Director of Training, for a free, zero obligation consultation – Krissie@researchpodcasts.co.uk

We teach what we do.

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