Podcast editing

Podcast editing advanced workshop can be delivered online and in person

This half day session, which can be delivered face to face or online, is aimed at those who have completed Research Podcasts’ Introduction to Podcasting workshop or who have some experience of using audio editing software and would like to know more about using it to create more professional sounding podcasts.

This hands-on workshop provides advice and tips on how to successfully set up and manage a range of face to face and online recording situations to maximise the chances of securing good quality audio for editing and publishing. Participants will be shown and then practise editing and mixing techniques all with individual guidance, support and feedback from our highly experienced trainer.

This is a half day workshop that can be facilitated online or in person. Please note, if you choose in person delivery we would require you to book a room with presenting facilities and cover our travel costs (we are based in Essex).

If you prefer in person delivery we would suggest combining this course with either the podcast presenting or promotion advanced workshops as a more efficient use of your resources.

In the summer term we will be hosting this course online for participants from any of our introductory courses to join.

Contact our Director of Training, Krissie Brighty-Glover, for more information at Krissie@researchpodcasts.co.uk.