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It’s a dialogue, not a monologue, and some people don’t understand that. Social media is more like a telephone than a television.

Amy Jo Martin

Recording, editing and publishing a podcast episode are central to what we do but it is not worth it if no one listens to your podcast which is why we at Research Podcasts do not stop our service there.

It is important not only to create a great podcast but also to promote it.

Example of an image used to promote the CeLSIUS (the ONS Longitudinal Study) podcast series – Linking our Lives

Maintaining and increasing your social media presence requires time, consistency and regular new content which many academics and businesses do not have the time or resource to manage.

Research Podcasts can help you create, launch and manage your podcast’s social media profiles or provide content to support you or your team.

Example of an image used to promote transcripts we provided for Dynamics of Inequality Across the Lifecourse research project (DIAL) on Twitter

We can:

  • Design podcast artwork, logos, headers and bios for use on your new or existing social media profiles.
  • Create new content including carefully-sourced royalty-free images, trailer videos and and clips for individual episodes.
  • Organise posting schedules using Buffer to social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

All our clients work in different ways so whatever level of support you need, we can provide it.

An example of the video trailers we provide to promote upcoming podcast episodes.

This is from The Rights Track.

Images, font and sounds clips are all customisable.

Mock-up of an Instagram profile we designed for The Rights Track due to be launched in December 2021 to coincide with a new series and book launch on the podcast.

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