The power of podcasting

For busy policy makers, hard-pressed practitioners, fellow academics and students, podcasting is a great way to find out about research that may be of interest or use.

By creating informative, engaging, easy to follow podcasts about your research, you can reach more people, explain your findings and the impact they could have.

Research Podcasts works with organisations and individuals to make sure you reach the people you want to and showcase impact and how important and influential your research findings are.

Podcasting for organisations

Digital content such as blogs, briefings and video can all be used to disseminate research and reach those outside of an academic environment, but these can be time consuming and expensive to produce.

Podcasts are neither expensive nor time consuming but they make rich, quality, professional sounding materials to help you reach those important audiences and demonstrate your commitment to achieving impact with your research, something we know funders and partners are extremely keen on.

Take a look at the Podcasts we produce for research centres, find out more about how we go about producing them and how much they cost and then get in touch to discuss ideas of how we can help you add Podcasting to your research communication activities.

Working with individuals

Whether you have a body of research from a project, a book that lends itself to a series of interviews or whether you want to host a podcast show about your research field and its impact in the real world, the team at Research Podcasts can help you do just that.

We work with leading academics in their field to showcase, share, discuss and show the impact of their research.