Let’s Collaborate with Georgina Richards

Let’s Collaborate is produced in collaboration with the South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP)

Episode 8 of Let’s Collaborate is out now. Chris Garrington speaks with Georgina Richards from the University of Bath about their PhD research into green prescribing and the role of volunteers in creating wellbeing. 

Georgina beings by defining social prescribing for the listener as healthcare professionals signposting patients to non-medical interventions for their wellbeing. Green prescribing emerged from this form of care to incorporate interventions in an outdoor environment.  

The pair then move on to discuss the specifics of Georgina’s research which concerns the role of volunteers in this space and the disproportionate lack of investment in the voluntary sector which fundamentally enables green prescribing to be delivered for wellbeing support.   

The conversation then turns to her methodology and data collection which she separates into three strands. Firstly, interviews with participants and volunteers to “get to the heart of their wellbeing experiences being on these interventions”. In tandem with this, Georgina used questionnaires to dig deep into understanding people’s wellbeing. Lastly, an extensive document review to examine the policy landscape which informs the development of green prescribing. 

The key objective of Georgina’s research is to highlight the value of volunteers and shine a light on the importance of investing in the voluntary sector so it can adequately support the increasing demand from green prescribing. She also seeks to add clarity to the concept of wellbeing which understood differently by stakeholders and incorporate ideas around sustainability into this concept.  

Wrapping up the episode Georgina offered her valuable advice for aspiring researchers: 

“Just be prepared for it being not just an intellectual journey, but also quite an emotional journey of lots of highs and lows… It can be quite easy to you know, feel like an imposter and keep to yourself. So, really don’t be afraid to fail and keep learning until you get ideas that you are happy to submit in a thesis”

Georgina Richards, Let’s Collaborate (Sep 2023)

Let’s Collaborate was recorded at the SWDTP Collaboration and Connectivity Conference in 2022 as part of the Research Podcasts conference package where we deliver a talk on why academics should be podcasting then record students discussing their research. 

We are excited to announce that we will be back to record series 2 of Let’s Collaborate and talk to more students about why academics should be podcasting at the next SWDTP Conference in November 2023. The theme for the conference is Architects of Change; Impact, Identity & Inclusion.

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Freya Peake, Research and Administration Assistant at Research Podcasts