Let’s Collaborate with Mónica Sanchez

Let’s Collaborate is produced in collaboration with the South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP)

Episode 9 of Let’s Collaborate is out now. Chris Garrington speaks with Mónica Sanchez from the University of Bristol about her PhD research into the idea of manhood for men who’ve been accused of domestic violence.

The pair begin by discussing Mónica’s research looking at the link between ideas of toxic masculinity and domestic violence in Mexico. Her research focuses on the perpetrator of violence and the concept of manhood in this region. 

After this Chris digs deeper into the research methodology for this project. Mónica emphasised the importance of decolonising research methods and incorporating indigenous practises.  

In practise this meant allowing time for participants to reflect and disclose information at their own pace and incorporating peer learning into her methodology. Mónica highlighted the importance of an empathetic approach which avoids assuming stereotypes around domestic violence perpetrators in handling such sensitive subject matter. 

The conversation then moved to discuss Mónica’s hope for the long-term impact of this research. For Mónica her long term aims are twofold. Firstly, to diversify the literature to move away from an exclusively Anglo-Saxon and Scandanavian focus. She argues appreciating how different cultures conceptualise manhood differently and how this impacts domestic violence can better inform policy in this area. 

Secondly, to focus on the perpetrators of domestic violence as a perpetrator can reoffend many times and create many victims. By addressing these individuals, more progress can be made to reducing victims of domestic violence.  

 The pair close their discussion with Mónica’s advice for PHD students. She said:  

“You need to research something that you’re really passionate about… because sometimes it feels like you’re just in front of the computer. So, in those bad days, you will need that passion and that passion is what will keep you going.” 

Mónica Sanchez, Let’s Collaborate (Oct 2023)

Let’s Collaborate was recorded at the SWDTP Collaboration and Connectivity Conference in 2022 as part of the Research Podcasts conference package where we deliver a talk on why academics should be podcasting then record students discussing their research. 

We are excited to announce that we will be back to record Series 2 of Let’s Collaborate and talk to more students about why academics should be podcasting at the next SWDTP Conference in November 2023. The theme for the conference is Architects of Change; Impact, Identity & Inclusion.

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Freya Peake, Research and Administration Assistant at Research Podcasts