Let’s talk about sex, relationships and education

Series 2 of the Let’s Go Further podcast explores equality, diversity and inclusion in education

New episode of Let’s Go Further from the Skills and Education Group is out now! 

Host Joe Mcloughlin, talks with Dougie Boyd, Director of Education and Wellbeing at Brook (a charity supporting young people with their sexual health and wellbeing) who argues that sex and relationships education for young people is essential.

Dougie, who has 20 years of experience working in education and wellbeing for young people, points to the criticism that schools and organisations which provide RSE often face. He responds by highlighting the need to dial down angry and divisive rhetoric around sexual health education and says it’s time to acknowledge the key role that RSE plays in helping children and young people to understand how sex, sexual health and relationships impact their overall wellbeing.

I think we do have a real hang-up in this country about young people accessing sexual health services…But one of the things we have to remember is that taking care of your sexual health is an absolutely appropriate part of your lifelong healthcare journey. 

Dougie Boyd
“Lets Talk about Sex, Relationships and Education”, Let’s Go Further Podcast, Ep 2, Series 2

Dougie goes on to say that young people entering post-16 education are often ill-equipped to understand and manage their sexual health. He explains how effective RSE leads to a greater understanding of sexual health but how to access sexual health services is a challenge that many FE colleges face through lack of funding and resources.  

Tune into Episode 2 of Let’s Go Further now to find out more about sex education and how it is essential for lifelong happy and healthy relationships.

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