New podcast series will explore the multiple effects of the COVID19 pandemic on children

Research Podcasts has collaborated with the Interdisciplinary Child Well-Being Network (ICWBN) to produce a podcast series that focuses on the lives of children in the UK and Ireland during the pandemic and beyond.  

Generation Pandemic is a ten-episode series that features discussions with leading academics and practitioners working with and for children across key areas such as education, mental health and family well-being.  

Dr Yekaterina Chzhen, one of ICWBN’s project leaders said:  

 “I am so excited about the Generation Pandemic series. Due to pandemic restrictions we were unable to bring our network together for a face to face workshop as planned. But via our podcast series we are still able to communicate our research findings on the impacts of COVID19 – and reach an even wider audience! It’s also great that we’ve been able to combine contributions from our researchers with those who are experiencing the effects of the pandemic on children every day, such as a parent and a teacher.” 

Catherine McDonald, Senior Producer at Research Podcasts and series host, added:  

“As a parent myself, it was both enlightening and reassuring to hear about the work that’s already being done to support families and children as we (hopefully) begin to emerge from the pandemic – not only to mitigate the many existing effects but to try to prevent the same problems happening again were we to experience a similar societal shock. The ICWBN pulls together a stellar line up of experts and I’m confident this series will resonate with anyone who has children in their lives.” 

The aim of the ICWBN is bring together academics and practitioners from the four nations of the UK and the Republic of Ireland to establish an interdisciplinary research network to study the economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the associated policy responses, on children in the two countries and beyond. It studies the medium- and longer-term consequences of the pandemic for children’s living standards as well as their outcomes in health, cognitive- and socio-behavioural development, educational attainment and achievement, and subjective well-being. 

Generation Pandemic launches on Tuesday 19th April with the first episode looking at the experiences of parents during the pandemic. The remaining episodes will be published eery Tuesday until 21st June, 2022.