Bringing podcasts to the FE sector

On Tuesday 23rd May Research Podcasts’ Director of Training Krissie Brightly-Glover delivered two workshops at the Skills and Education Group Conference to encourage educators to use podcasting in the classroom as both a learning tool and a form of assessment.  

The conference brought together educators, policy makers and key stakeholders to discuss levelling up in further education.  

Paul Eeles, the Skills and Education Chief Executive, opened the event and reminded us that further education is like planting a seed in a garden for a plant we never see. He then chaired the first panel with Elysia McCaffrey, Janet Smith, Proffessor Lee Elliott Major OBE, Dr Lynne Sedgmore CBE and Ben Blackledge. We have heard about Lee Elliott Major’s research before on social mobility as he has been a guest on the Let’s Go Further podcast in Series 1, which you can listen to here. Krissie was particularly struck by their description of further education as the “engine room of change.” 

Krissie then led a workshop on podcasting for learning in the morning which was well-received by educators attending the conference. The workshop discussed how podcasts can be used in the classroom, as tools for individual learning and a form of assessment. They also discussed how educators can use podcasts as a form of CPD which doesn’t increase teacher workload whilst engaging with developments in pedagogy. She was joined by Alice Brighty-Glover, assistant head teacher at Hall Mead School in Upminster, who has previously been a guest on one of our podcasts – Generation Pandemic – to talk about the benefits of being on a podcast as a teacher. Krissie was also able to catch up with Debra Gray, the principal of Hull College, who will be a guest on Let’s Go Further with MP Jess Philips soon. 

Research Podcasts’ Director of Training Krissie Brighty-Glover ready to deliver her morning workshop on podcasts for learning

The afternoon panel discussed government policy around further education, followed by Will Njoobvu talking about being an ally to create more inclusive environments in FE. Will was also a guest on the Lets Go Further podcast, and he shared his experience of how his time at Demon FM (De Montford University’s student radio station) was a turning point for him. Krissie discussed this in her afternoon workshop pointing out that giving students the opportunity to create their own podcasts could also be a turning point for them. 

In Research Podcasts’ afternoon workshop Krissie was joined by Joe Mcloughlin and Mariama Dibba Manka from the Skills and Education Group. They discussed the Let’s Go Further podcast, and how podcasting can be used in education as a vehicle for public engagement and impact.  

Some key takeaways from the discussions in the workshops where:  

  • Podcasting presents a unique opportunity to engage students in a creative way, particularly those who don’t excel in a traditional classroom setting. 
  • Podcasting as a form of assessment allows students to think more deeply and use a wider range of skills including soft skills like how to have a conversation and more developed skills like audio editing and research.  
  • Podcasting is a great way to deliver CPD content to teachers without increasing their already packed work schedule by allowing them to keep up to date with education research and new ideas in the field without the ardour of reading research papers.  
  • Podcasting gives students and staff opportunities to develop new skills and something different to put on their personal statements and CVs.  

Overall, Krissie found the day to be interesting, insightful, and enjoyable. Research Podcasts are privileged to have attended the conference and gained valuable knowledge on various topics in further education.   

We look forward to the next conference!  

The Let’s Go Further Podcast is produced by the Skills and Education Group in collaboration with Research Podcasts and is published fortnightly. 

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Freya Peake, Research and Administration Assistant at Research Podcasts