DIAL commissions fourth series

Research Podcasts has been commissioned to produce a fourth series of the DIAL Podcast.

The podcast was launched in 2019 to support the communication of a 13 project European research programme looking at the dynamics of inequality over the lifecourse.

The research, which was funded by NORFACE, covered a range of important aspects of inequality, including the issues faced by LGBTQI communities, the impact of critical life events such as divorce and separation, the challenges for older people expected to work longer, and for young children and young adults who grow up in an unequal environment.

The Podcast, produced and presented by Research Podcasts’ Chris Garrington, has recorded 36 episodes across 3 Series so far.

Series 1 covered emerging findings from early papers produced by members of the different projects. Series 2 focused on the programme’s Equal Lives Project which has investigated how the education, job and career and family choices made by young adults interact and impact in a way that advantages or disadvantages them as they move into their thirties and forties. Series 3 has focused on both findings and implications of the research.

Series 4, which is currently in production, will see Chris reflecting on the broader implications of the research and discussing recommendations for policy with the projects’ Principal Investigators. Chris said:

It’s been such a privilege to work on this important programme of research which has investigated one of the biggest concerns of our day and seeks to find ways of creating a fairer society for all. The back catalogue of our podcast episodes is a testimony to the fantastic body of research and evidence that has been produced. I’m really looking forward to talking with the project PIs about what they think we have learned and needs to happen now.