Generation Pandemic

Research Podcasts is working with the Inter-disciplinary Child Well-being Network to produce a new podcast looking at the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the lives of children in the UK and Ireland.

The 10-episode podcast, called Generation Pandemic will discuss published and emerging research investigating how the pandemic has affected children’s education, economic well-being and mental health, the implications for inequality and how policymakers have responded.

Research Podcasts’ Senior Producer Catherine McDonald will work with the Network’s Dr Kat Czhzen from Trinity College, Dublin and Dr Julia Mikolai from the University of St Andrew’s to develop and produce the podcast. She will also present each episode which will include conversations with researchers and advocates for the well-being of children. The team will also be supported by Research Podcasts’ Krissie Brighty-Glover who will be responsible for social media promotion of Generation Pandemic

Catherine said:

We are very much looking forward to working with the Network to produce insightful podcast content based on this vital research. As a parent of school-aged children myself I have a keen and vested interest in its contribution to the evidence base for policy makers and practitioners moving forward. These lockdowns were unprecedented – the next ones won’t be.

Catherine McDonald, Senior Producer, Generation Pandemic