Let’s Collaborate with Faisal Sharif 

Episode 6 of Let’s Collaborate is out now. Chris Garrington speaks with Faisal Sharif from the University of Bath about his research on the policy and economic implications of transitioning from fossil fuels to green energy in developing countries like Pakistan.  

Chris and Faisal begin by discussing the background of the political economy of Pakistan, which is currently dependant on fossil fuels. The Pakistani government is seeking to transition to green energy to aid climate change and it to avoid the volatility of the fossil fuel supply chain.  

Chris then asks Faisal about his motivations for his research. Faisal’s background in working in the government sector in Pakistan, helped him see a significant gap in research and a need to have an evidenced based transition. This is to assist Pakistan in achieving it ambitious target of halving its carbon emissions by 2030. 

The pair finish by discussing Faisal’s advice for prospective PHD students. Firstly, he insists on the importance of being organised and not allowing your work to pile up. This is particularly important in circumstances like Faisal’s where the student is moving country to study or has dependants to support. Faisal also warns those who are coming back to academia from working to be aware of the challenges of the transition.  

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Let’s Collaborate was recorded at the SWDTP Collaboration and Connectivity Conference in 2022 as part of the Research Podcasts conference package where we deliver a talk on why academics should be podcasting then record students discussing their research.

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Freya Peake, Research and Administration Assistant at Research Podcasts