Let’s Collaborate with Felipe Neves

Let’s Collaborate is produced in collaboration with the South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP)

Episode 7 of Let’s Collaborate is out now. Chris Garrington speaks with Felipe Neves from the University of Bath about their PhD research into the sustainability of artisanal gold mining in the Amazon basin.

Felipe has embarked on a mission to transform this extractive industry into a sustainable practice that benefits local communities, preserves the environment and respects indigenous cultures.

He begins the episode by offering a comprehensive overview of the multifaceted challenges posed by gold mining in the Amazon. He highlights the political landscape in Brazil, emphasising the impact of policies on gold mining practices. The conversation delves into the detrimental effects of gold mining, including environmental degradation and social consequences.

One of the key takeaways from the podcast episode is Felipe’s emphasis on adopting a human-centered approach. Recognising the livelihoods of gold miners and the intricate web of economic dependencies, Felipe advocates for a nuanced solution that doesn’t simply entail a ban on mining. Instead, he explores the potential for sustainable practices that align with local needs and aspirations.

The podcast episode sheds light on the unique angle of Felipe’s research: putting the perspectives of gold miners at the forefront. By focusing on their experiences and choices, Felipe aims to uncover insights that can guide the creation of alternative livelihoods and practices. The episode underscores the importance of participatory research, where local stakeholders are active participants in shaping solutions.

In wrapping up the episode, Felipe offers a valuable piece of advice for aspiring researchers considering a journey similar to his own;

I recommend doing something that you’re very passionate about because you’re gonna be immersed in it for for four years, if not more… find a problem that you’re really keen to solve.

Felipe Neves, Let’s Collaborate (Aug 2023)

Let’s Collaborate was recorded at the SWDTP Collaboration and Connectivity Conference in 2022 as part of the Research Podcasts conference package where we deliver a talk on why academics should be podcasting then record students discussing their research.

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